Proficiency for the Program

Proficiency for the Program

1. To learn with which concepts the science of chemistry produces information.

2. To learn the benefits of scientific perspective and evaluation method.

 3. To have knowledge about basic chemical issues.

4. To discuss sociological perspectives with a critical perspective; To identify information and application deficiencies.

5. To be able to use the knowledge of the field in professional and daily life with the awareness of social responsibility by gaining lifelong learning skills.

6. To connect with other sciences related to social questions and problems; To learn the similarity and difference of knowledge with the knowledge of other nearby sciences.

7. Having information about the methods of reaching written and visual information and data sources and evaluating this information in terms of theoretical analysis and application.

8. To be able to share thoughts and solutions to problems in written and verbal form by supporting quantitative and qualitative data.

9. To be able to follow the information in the field of chemistry and communicate with colleagues using a foreign language.

10. To be able to use information and communication technologies together with computer software at the level required by the field.

11. Keeping the knowledge and experience in the field of chemistry alive continuously; to enrich by sharing this knowledge with others; To be able to carry his education to an advanced education level.


Graduation Requirements

Article 38- In order for associate and undergraduate diplomas to be awarded, the student must successfully complete the required courses and have a GPA of at least 2.00.

Students with a GPA between 3.00 and 3.50 are on the HONOR list and those with 3.51 or above graduate from the HIGH HONOR list and this is indicated in their diplomas.

Associate and undergraduate diplomas to be awarded by the faculty are arranged differently for each level, but jointly in all educational institutions of Gazi University.

Until the diplomas are prepared, the students are given a "Graduation Provisional Certificate" to be returned while receiving the diploma. The diploma is awarded once.

In case of loss, a photographic document will be issued as a diploma and stating that it was given due to the loss. These documents and diplomas are signed by the Rector and Dean.

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