Program Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes

With the successful completion of this program, students will be able to:

P01. Gains the basic concepts in the theory and practice of chemistry, can establish the necessary connections, and apply them, use theoretical and applied knowledge, can select methods, develop and design.

P02. It improves the approaches and knowledge of different disciplines in basic and applied fields and uses them in the field of chemistry and contributes to the decision-making process on problems related to different disciplines.

P03. Identifying problems related to chemistry, constructing hypotheses for problem solving by synthesizing, and problem solving using various observational and experimental methods

P04. Follows the chemistry literature, uses advanced theoretical and applied knowledge, conveys the acquired knowledge verbally or in writing, determines learning needs, directs her learning.

P05. Gains the ability to work actively in activities and projects aimed at professional development in both individual and multidisciplinary groups, produces solutions and takes responsibility for unforeseen complex problems that may arise in this process, and can manage teamwork.

P06. Behaves sensitive to universal and social values, observes and researches the interests and cultural values of the country, uses and develops knowledge with an awareness of ethical and professional responsibility, acts in accordance with quality management and processes.

P07. In order to meet the needs of the individual or society, it seeks solutions to national and international problems in terms of chemistry and develops projects for the development of employees under her responsibility.

P08. Apply chemical technology to education, industry, agriculture, health and environmental problems, and act in accordance with the universality of social rights and social rights.

P09. Follows the current developments in the field of science and technology, improves her knowledge, can make examinations using scientific methods and techniques, and can independently carry out advanced studies in her field.

P10. By gaining lifelong learning skills, uses her knowledge of the field of professional and daily life with the awareness of social responsibility, transfers the acquired knowledge to education and training programs, plans and manages the development of the employees under responsibility.

P11. Uses a foreign language at least at the European Language Portfolio B1 general level, follows the information in the field of chemistry, conveys their knowledge, and communicates with colleagues.

P12. Uses information and communication technologies together with computer software at the level required by the field.

P13. It continuously keeps its knowledge and experience in the field of chemistry alive, always improves its professional knowledge and skills, shares its knowledge with others, and carries its education to an advanced education level.

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