Seminar - Doctoral Qualification

Ph.D. Qualifying Exam

2021-2022-Fall Term Ph.D. Qualifying Written Exam will be held on 16 December 2021 at 10:00.


Graduate Seminars

2021-2022 Fall Semester Chemistry Department Graduate Seminar Presentations program is being updated, it will be announced soon.

Seminars will be held online via GUZEM-ÖYS.

Students who take the course will directly participate in the seminar program through the virtual classroom opened within the scope of the related course through GUZEM.

Students are required to attend the seminar course.

In addition, the access link will be shared before the presentation program for each session for those who want to participate in addition to those who take the seminar course. You can access the seminar program by registering via this link. The link to be sent can be forwarded to those who want to attend the seminar presentations.

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