Our Policies




- Being a leader in education and research in the national and international arena as Gazi University Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry.

- Updating and conducting education and training activities in parallel with changing conditions.

- In parallel with the scientific and technological development of our country, the chemical industry and related sectors need quality, strong infrastructure, absorbed the superior qualities of the scientific approach, modern, innovative, investigative, questioning, analytical thinking, able to lead the society in changing world conditions, To educate chemists who know the importance of, respectful to human values.

- To produce and share information of universal quality in current scientific fields of study.

- To comply with the terms of total quality management and to ensure the satisfaction of the institutions where our graduates work by ensuring continuous improvement.



- To train chemists who are equipped with practical and theoretical knowledge and skills, and who have assimilated scientific and professional ethics in the field of chemistry.

- To raise innovative chemists who are questioning, problem-solving, and have entrepreneurial spirit following the changing world.

- To increase the number of chemists who know that my education is continuous and learn to learn.

- To increase the number of chemists learning different learning and cultural environments thanks to student exchange programs.

- To increase the number of graduate and doctorate chemists that our country needs.



- Being internationally recognized and preferred by world students

- To increase the number of students and faculty members in programs such as Erasmus, Mevlana exchange program,

- To increase the number of undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral students coming from abroad, especially from Europe and Asia.

- To increase the number of students and working graduates doing internships in international chemistry companies.



- To increase the number of students and faculty members who have internalized the philosophy of science and have the capacity to access and use information and to produce scientific knowledge for the benefit of society.

- Increasing research and development activities with high impact value that will turn into original publications, useful models, products and patents in the light of professional ethical principles in research activities.

- Increasing the number of projects supported by national and international institutions and organizations within the department.

- Increasing the number of graduate and doctorate students working in priority fields.



- To present the products resulting from research and development activities for the benefit of the society with the support of TTO and TeknoPark.

- To provide regional and national contributions within the framework of university industry cooperation in order to develop products and increase quality.

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