Scientific Preparation Program and Courses


1. The SCIENTIFIC PREPARATION PROGRAM  is applied to the graduates who are eligible to enroll in the graduate programs of Chemistry or Chemistry (English) and who are not graduate from the departments of  Biochemistry (Faculty of Science, Faculty of Science and Art, Basic Sciences), Biochemistry, Pharmacy, Science Education, Genetics and Life Sciences Programs, Food Science and Technologies (Agriculture ), Food Sciences (Faculty of Food), Food Engineering, Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Chemistry Undergraduate and Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Chemistry Teaching, Chemistry and Biology Engineering, Chemistry and Process Engineering, Chemistry-Physics.

2. If the courses in the scientific preparation program were taken in the previous undergraduate program, the transcript and related course contents should be submitted to the Department of Chemistry with a petition together with the Scientific Preparation Program Course Registration Form (FORM-6) for exemption from these courses. The exemption status is evaluated by the Undergraduate Education Commission.

3. Students who are subjected to the Scientific Preparation Program can take a maximum of two courses from the graduate program in addition to scientific preparation courses.

4. Scientific preparation courses can not be substituted for courses required to complete the relevant graduate program (M4/6 senate). Students who do not successfully complete the scientific preparation program are not considered to have completed their graduate courses (M4/9 senate).

5. The period determined for the scientific preparation program is two semesters at most (M4/4 senate).

6. Summer education is not included in this period. This period can not be extended except for semester leaves and the student who fails at the end of the period is dismissed from the institute (M4/4 senate).

In accordance with the decision taken by the Board of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, it was decided that the scientific preparation courses for the M.Sc. and Ph.D. programs of the Department of Chemistry should be formed as follows.

Scientific Preparation Courses

Course Code

Course title

CHEM 2203

Inorganic Chemistry I

CHEM 2201

Analytical Chemistry I

CHEM 3303

Biochemistry I

CHEM 1102

General Chemistry II

CHEM 2258

Introduction to Physical Chemistry

CHEM 2206

Organic Chemistry I

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