2022-2023 Spring Semester Chemistry Undergraduate Syllabus
31 January 2023 | 10:33

Click here to reach the syllabus of the Department of Chemistry .

Some important explanations:

* Click to access the list of prerequisite courses and prerequisites valid for students following the 2021 curriculum 

*Students must choose the course offered by the faculty member enrolled in the Research Project I course in the Fall semester while enrolling in the Research Project II course. The lectures will be held in the faculty member research laboratory.

*Students must choose their courses in such a way that there is no overlap in the schedules of the face-to-face courses in the course registrations.

*Students should check their curriculum status from the obs system while choosing elective courses, and if they need to take elective courses in the relevant semester, they should register for elective courses. 


Click here to access the  5i courses curriculum. 5i courses are held online.


Non-field elective (ADS) courses and syllabus are announced by Gazi University Education-Training Institution Coordination Unit of Common and Elective Courses. ADS courses take place online. Click here to reach the related department web page. 


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