The great success of Prof. Dr.Gülay BAYRAMOĞLU
23 March 2021 | 16:26

A team of researchers from the United States of America and the Netherlands  prepared a list of the world's most influential scientists in 22 departments and 176 sub-disciplines, using the "composite indicator" scientific impact index, which consists of variables such as the number of scientific articles, number of citations, and the order of authors  .

PLoS Biology is on the list published in scientific journals from Turkey Koc University 16, from Istanbul Technical University 12, Hacettepe University and Middle East Technical University from 10, from Istanbul University, 9, from Firat University 8, Bilkent University and Erciyes University from 7 Dokuz Eylül and 6 scientists from Gazi University took place. List,

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Scientists who entered the list from Gazi University were ranked below.