The great success of Prof. Dr. Zeynel SEFEROĞLU
23 March 2021 | 16:23

Prof. Dr. Zeynel Seferoğlu's work titled "A new mechanism for selective recognition of cyanide inorganic and aqueous solution" has been featured on the cover of the 2020/30 issue of the European Journal of Organic Chemistry (EurJOC).

The Cover Feature shows the spring view of the rectorate building of Gazi University that was established in 1926 by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. This building was designed by the famous Turkish architect Kemalletin and is one of the first educational institutions in the Republic of Turkey. The synthetic organic and chemosensor chemistry in this study was developed on this campus. Cyanide interacts with 3,5‐dinitro‐(N‐phenyl)benzamide by nucleophilic aromatic substitution of hydrogen (NASH) and the colorimetric and fluorimetric changes were observed. Photo by B. Aydıner. More information can be found in the Full Paper by Z. Seferoğlu et al.