Introduction to the Department

The department of chemistry was established in 1982. The undergraduate program offered in this department is a vocational program with an aim to educate students who are competent in modern research and development studies, and follow the latest developments in the chemistry field.

Our department offers a four year undergraduate program. With the education offered in the Chemistry Department; Chemists and high chemists.

1-) with an adequate chemistry knowledge

2-) with the ability to design experiments, to use modern equipment to assess and comment on the consequences in the assigned project and sector.

3-) who always develop himself/herself by following science and technology

4-) whit the ability to come up with solutions to the possible chemistry problems.

5-) with the  ability to make research and development studies and with its consequences to develop new techniques to put on the development of original work, patent and technology

6-) who are prone to teamwork and with the ability to communicate expressively, are educated.

In our department, a great number of students have been sent abroad via Erasmus Exchange Program. Successful students holding a certain GPA have the opportunity to study in the Departments of Biology, Physics and Chemistry Engineering via Minor and Double Major programs; and have a second diploma or a certificate.

Bachelors of Chemistry Department take their degree with “Chemist” title. With this title they may work in chemical industry (management and in the laboratories of quality control and Research & Development), in the pharmaceutical industry ( in the labs of quality control and Research & Development, as the person in charge of marketing the medicines), in Research & Development Companies, in private and government laboratories, in private and government clinical diagnosis labs, in molecular biology labs and companies, in the companies selling and marketing chemical substance and equipment, in textile sector, in export and import companies, in the food sector (quality control, product developing and marketing), in polymer industry, in coating and plastic factories as a chemist.

In chemistry department, there are five primary research areas which are Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical chemistry and Organic Chemistry.

In our department 25 professors, 14 associate professor, 1 assistant professor, 6 research assistant and 3 specialist hold office. Our department takes pride from the scientific studies published in the National and İnternational journals and from a great number of papers announced in National and İnternational congresses by our academicians. The number of the books written or translated by our department’s academicians is above 40. And a part of our scientific researches is supported by DPT, TUBİTAK and Gazi University. The post graduate program (master and doctorate) is conducted by Gazi University Institute of Science and Technology in collaboration with Department of Chemistry.

In our department reside a total of five research labs which are analytical chemistry lab, instrumental analysis lab, inorganic lab, physic chemistry lab and organic chemistry lab.

In research labs, there are UV-GB, AAS, ICP-AES, NMR, FTIR spectrofotometers, multi purposed potensiostats, DTA device, electrophoresis, densitometer, gas chromotograph, gel permeation chromotography and HPLC device for advance researches.