Internship Directive



These procedures and principles specify the procedures and principles regulated within the framework of Gazi University Internship / Workplace Training Directive, which will be applied in the internships they will do in order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained during their education and improve their skills.


1. Duties of the Internship Commission

Internship procedures are carried out by the Internship Committee. The Internship Committee consists of at least three faculty members who are appointed by the Chemistry Department to serve for at least three years.

a) If the student who applies with the "Internship / Workplace Training Application and Acceptance Form", "internship place, internship start and end dates, etc." information ”and decides whether the internship place and dates are appropriate.

b) When necessary, it conducts an audit by contacting the institution where the internship is made to monitor the quality of the internship and its compliance with the Internship / Workplace training procedures and principles.

c) Evaluates the demands of the students who apply for the cancellation of the internship.

2. Evaluation of Internship

The student who completes the internship / workplace education is obliged to take the internship course in the following semesters. The internship file submitted to the student affairs and the documents from the internship place manager are forwarded to the lecturer by the program manager. Internship documents are examined and evaluated by the instructor responsible for the course and it is decided whether the student is successful or not.

3. Internship Period

The internship / workplace training period for Chemistry Department students is 30 working days. Before taking the internship course, the student must have completed the internship / workplace training consisting of 30 working days without interruption.

Students can also do the internships they have to do abroad, without interrupting the normal education program. The international internship acceptance documents are evaluated by the Internship Committee and it is decided whether to do an internship abroad or not.

4. Internship Period

a) Students who pass all the credit courses of the 1st (first) and 2nd (second) classes can do their internship outside of the academic calendar period (academic year). It is essential that internships are done during the months when the training is not available. Internships start at the end of the spring semester at the earliest (when the classes end) and are completed by the beginning of the fall semester classes at the latest. Apart from these periods, internships can be permitted by the Internship Committee, provided that their education is not interrupted.

b) Clause (a) does not apply to students in the 5th (fifth) and following years of their education period. These students can also do their internships in the fall and spring semesters, if deemed appropriate by the internship commission, provided that they show that they have at least three free days a week in their weekly course schedule.


Students who have to do an internship in the summer term can take courses from the summer school provided that the internship date range does not coincide with the date range of the summer school academic calendar and the end date of the year-end exams.

Internships are at least one chemist, chemical engineer, food engineer, polymer science and technology engineer, material engineer, bioengineer or biochemist working in a domestic or foreign public or private sector that performs chemical-related production, research or laboratory studies and / or in laboratories. The appropriateness of the institution where the internship / workplace training will be held is decided by the internship commission (upon the student's application).


5. Internship Application Process

a) The student who wants to do internship completes and signs the "Compulsory Internship / Workplace Training Application and Acceptance Form" in 3 copies in computer environment, which is given on the website of our department and also in the Appendix part of this form.

b) The student has the forms signed by the advisor, the head of the internship commission and the head of the department, respectively, along with the transcript from the student affairs.

c) The same forms are approved by the relevant institution where the internship / workplace training will be done (The acceptance letter of the place where the internship / workplace training will be done is also sufficient for this job).

d) One copy of the approved forms are delivered to the Student Affairs Office, one copy to the Internship Commission and the third copy to the institution / organization where internship / workplace training will be held.

6. Creating the Internship Report

The student who completes the internship / workplace training should prepare an “Internship / Workplace Training Report” that includes the work done during the internship / workplace education. First of all, this report is examined and approved by the official of the unit where he / she performs internship / workplace training.

Internship / workplace training reports should be written by computer on A4 paper in accordance with the following report layout and turned into a suitable file with the cover layout shown in the attachment (spiral bound, etc.) and a CD containing the copy of the report is delivered to the instructor in charge of the internship course.

The Internship / Workplace Education Evaluation Form must be sent to Gazi University, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry by registered mail or in a closed envelope bearing the stamp of the institution.

7. Internship Cancellation Conditions

Internship / workplace training with insurance entry can only be canceled under the following conditions:

Documenting a health problem requiring the cancellation of internship / workplace training with a report,

Notifying the Internship Commission of the cancellation request of internship / workplace training with a petition

The documents subject to the cancellation of the internship / workplace training must be submitted as attachments to the petition.



8. Internship Discipline Rules

Students must abide by all the rules and regulations of the institution where they do internship / workplace training. Students who are doing internship / workplace training, to comply with the working conditions of the workplaces where they do internship and the Internship / Workplace training procedures and principles regarding discipline and work safety; is obliged to use all kinds of places, tools, materials, machinery, tools and equipment it uses with care. Any responsibility arising from the failure to fulfill these obligations belongs to the student.

During the internship / workplace education, students are responsible for the damages they will cause in the institution due to their individual mistakes.

For students who are doing their internship / workplace training, the provisions of the Higher Education Institutions Student Disciplinary Regulation are also valid during the internship.

In order for students to graduate, they must successfully complete their internship / workplace education within the education period determined by the Higher Education Law No. 2547. Students who do not complete their internship or successfully complete their internship, although they have achieved the required GPA for graduation by taking all the courses envisaged in the program they are in, cannot graduate. If the internship / workplace education is not completed, the student is obliged to register for the next semester.

Gazi University, Faculty of Science and Department of Chemistry are not responsible for the contracts and / or financial relations to be established between the students and the institutions / organizations where they do their internship / workplace training.

The internship / workplace education insurances within the scope of "Work Accident and Occupational Disease" within the scope of Law No. 5510 of the students who do internship in education and training are given to G.Ü. It is run by the Registrar's Office.

Gazi University, Faculty of Science, Department of Chemistry is authorized to decide on issues related to internship / workplace training that are not included in this document.

The procedures and principles of internship / workplace training are based on the Senate Decision No. 2018/106 of 04/10/2018 of Gazi University Internship / Workplace Training Directive.



Introduction: A brief explanation is given regarding the purpose of the internship / workplace training.
Description of the organization (facility or laboratory): Name, number of staff working, production, control, research and laboratory work, etc. related information is given.
Internship / Workplace Training Study:
a) Internship / workplace training program: Includes information about which department / units in the facility or laboratory, and for what period of time.

b) Laboratories: All the experiments carried out in the laboratories, the purposes of the experiments, experiment equipment, the methods of the experiments; calculations and sample experiment results are given.

c) If there is production in the facility, information on production is provided.

a) Comments are made on the work done during the internship / workplace training. In addition, whether the institution where the internship is done is suitable for the purpose, etc. personal opinions and gains are stated.

b) Delivery date of the internship / workplace training report: Internship reports must be delivered to the instructor responsible for the internship course during the course period, after the date of the internship.

Evaluation of the internship / workplace training report:
The internship / workplace training report and the evaluation form filled in by the institution where the internship / workplace training is held are evaluated by the responsible faculty member who took the internship course.

The report of the student whose internship / workplace training is deemed appropriate is delivered to him. If the internship / workplace training reports are not found appropriate, the student has to prepare a new report.

If the student fails the internship / workplace education, the internship / workplace education is repeated under the same conditions.



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