Mission, Vision, Values ​​and Goals


The mission of our department is to educate chemists needed in continuously growing chemical industry in parallel with our country’s scientific and technological development and related sectors, who are qualified with a strong background, internalizing the eminent characteristics of scientific approach and have a modern, reformist, questioning, investigative and analytic mind along with the ability to lead in a fast changing world besides knowing the importance of research & development (R&D) and having respect towards human values. Our department takes as a mission to put on the society’s lifelong education and development process by reaching to knowledge, producing, sharing knowledge and turning it into life For the postgraduate mission of our department, the main aim is to contribute on the education system in Turkey and to produce and share knowledge on a level which will enable us to compete with universal high quality universities in various and contemporary scientific study fields by forming a model based on the expertise and the developments in the world.



Our vision is to educate chemists who will be successful anywhere on the world, learn and know how to teach, to make original researches in science and technology and secure them to turn into social well-being; and to be a leader and respectful department on the national and international level with creative activities and community service.



To raise individuals who have ethical values ​​in scientific research, have lifelong learning skills and motivation, will ensure development in all areas of society, and use R&D opportunities simultaneously with the world.



Ø Creating elective courses and activities that will be needed by the students of the department in business life and that will improve their vision and shed light on the future.

Ø Ensuring the continuation of a staff that can follow technological changes and conduct R&D studies in education and scientific studies.

Ø Keeping current training laboratories up to date.

Ø Development and enhancement of existing research laboratories.

Ø Increasing the quality and quantity of the number of research staff.

Ø Increasing the number of interdisciplinary studies.

Ø Increasing the number and quality of the department's Master's and Doctorate studies.

Ø Increasing the number of international publications and citations per faculty member.

Ø Establishing and increasing industry collaborations that will develop high value-added products.

Ø Increasing national and international projects. 

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