Proficiency for the Program

Proficiency for the program

1-To learn with which terms the Science of Chemistry produces knowledge

2-To learn the benefits of the scientific perspective and method of evaluation.

3-to have knowledge on the basic subjects of chemistry

4-To be able to discuss the sociological perspectives critically and to find out the deficiencies in the the knowledge and the practice.

5-To be able to use the knowledge of the field in the daily and Professional life with a sense of social responsibility by gaining life-long learning abilities.

 6-To be able to establish links with the other disciplines about social problems and concerns and to learn the differences and similarities of the knowledge between this discipline and related disciplines.

7-To have certain knowledge on the methods of reaching to written and visual data sources, and to be able to assess this data in terms of theoretical analysis and practice.

8-To be able to share ideas and solutions on problems both oral and in written by providing quantitative and qualitative data.

9-to be able to follow the knowledge and information on Chemistry science and communicate with his/her colleagues by using a foreign language.

10-To be able to use the computer softwares alongwith other informatic and communicative Technologies on a required level by the field.

11-To be able to maintain the knowledge and the experiences on Chemistry alive, to be able to develop one’s self by exchanging and sharing these experiences with others and to be able to carry these learnings on an advance level.

Graduation Requirements

Item 38- To be able to have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, students are expected to successfully complete the required courses and hold a GPA of at least 2.00/4.00.

Upon graduating, Students with a GPA between 3.00/4.00 and 3.50/4.00 are included in Department’s Honor List whereas students with a GPA of 3.51/4.00 or higher are included in Department’s High Honor List and this situtation is stated in their diplomas.

The certificates of associate’s and Bachelor’s degree given by faculty are issued differently for every level. However, they are issued to be common in all institutions of Gazi University.

Until the certificates are prepared, students are given a “Temporary Graduation Certificate” on condition of returning while taking the diploma.

Diploma is given only for once.

On losing, a photographed certificate which will replace the diploma is issued and on this certificate the reason for this issue is stated as losing the original copy as well.

This document and diplomas are signed by both Dean of the Science Faculty and the Rector of Gazi University.